Guys, let’s talk bone broth. It is seriously one of the easiest things to make and so freakin’ good for you. If you’ve got digestive issues….(I.e. leaky gut) I’d highly suggest you drink some bone broth every morn. For breakfast. Yup. Breakfast. And nope I’m not crazy! :-).
{Note: there are many other benefits to bone broth. Google it to learn more!}


I’ve been looking for a way to perfect my bone broth making skills, and I think I’ve finally done it.
Basically all you really need are bones, water, heat, and time. Of course, adding in veggies and spices definitely add to the taste!



-1 whole chicken
-1 red onion
-3 carrots
-4 celery stalks
-2 large cloves garlic
-2 tbl thyme
-1 bay leaf
-1 tbl pepper
-1 tbl garlic powder
-2 tbl apple cider vinegar

–Set crock pot on low and place 1/2 sliced onion on bottom of pot.
–Place whole chicken on top of onion Sprinkle thyme and pepper on the chicken and inside. While you’re at it put a garlic clove in there too (I don’t even peel it, just throw it in) and some onion pieces.
–Put 1/2 cup water into the crock pot and cover for approx. 6 hours.
–Once time is up, the chicken should literally fall off the bones.
–Put chicken into an air tight container and places bones and skin back into crock pot.
–Roughly cut up celery, carrots, and rest of the onion (skin included….and will make a deeper colored broth too)
–Pour in apple cider vinegar and enough water to cover bones and veggies.
–Cook in crock pot for at least 10 hours. I just have it cooking overnight.
–In the morn take mason jars and some sort of strainer/filter and pour broth into jars.


I like to freeze some in ice cube trays for if I only need a little.
I also skim off most fat before I reheat it.
Once cold, the broth will form into a gel. Don’t be scurr’d the gel is a good thing!!!


Whole30: yes
Paleo: yes

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