I’ve been wanting to make some tasty chicken wings for awhile now, but never got around to it because it seems like everyone and their mom has a chicken wing recipe.  So I got to thinking; what could I do to change it up a bit, but still keep it “classic” and then BOOM it hit me. Flip the whole scenario around.  Usually chicken wings are slathered in a buffalo sauce/hot sauce and then dipped in ranch, but if I did it the other way around that would be WAY better. Less mess and you can control the heat.  Enter Ranch Chicken Wings with Buffalo Sauce. Winner Winner, chicken wing dinner. (Wait, what?!!)

ranch chicken wings with buffalo sauce

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sheet pan moroccan chicken

Let’s take a quick moment of silence for this Sheet Pan Moroccan Chicken. Why? Because it is one of my kids absolute favorite meals that I have ever made. It’s kind of funny, because when I originally made this for Whole30recipes I was nervous that my kids wouldn’t like the Moroccan flavors of this dish.  Man oh man was I wrong. Like really really REALLY wrong. I should have made 2 pans of it because they blew right through this!

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Ain’t no party like a butternut squash and sausage bake party! (wait, what?!!) When I first made this, the thing that kept going through my mind was “I totally need to have some friends over so we can brunch so hard with this meal” It is SO good.  Even if butternut squash isn’t your thing, this quite possibly will change your mind!

butternut squash and sausage bake

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You know what should be under everyone’s tree this year…..this pork tenderloin with pomegranate sauce. Okay, okay, that may be a little weird; “here’s a big piece of meat mom! Merry Christmas!”  So perhaps you should just make it for Christmas dinner. You probably even have most of what this recipe calls for already at your house. If you don’t have any pork (or maybe you don’t eat pork) this is great on chicken, steak, and basically any type of fish out there!

tenderloin with pomegranate sauce

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I may be the only one that does this, but I’m always trying to one up my Thanksgiving game. In my mind, anything that is “fallish” is fair game come Thursday afternoon! I’ve come up with a fun little Thanksgiving-ie appetizer (or eat it as a side) with these Harvest Meatballs with Cranberry Sauce. And you are going to want to DIG.IN.

harvest meatballs with cranberry sauce

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I’ve been broadening my horizons with persimmons lately, and this Mexican Persimmon and Broccoli slaw is off the chain. (does anyone even say that anymore)  Persimmons are delicious, but also odd. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people do not know what the heck to do with a persimmon! I was totally that person a couple of years ago and was always intrigued at the store to get one, but just didn’t know what to do with them!

Fear not friends, I got your back and will show you how can incorporate persimmons into your meals! Persimmons add a nice crunch and a bit of sweetness to dishes and are wonderful on there own as well. We like to eat them just like an apple!

mexican persimmon broccoli slaw

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