About a month ago I made this gumbo-esque slash German potato Salad. It turned out to be a delightful fusion of two very different styles. I couldn’t think of a name for the recipe, so I turned to Instagram and asked people to name the recipe for me. There were some awesome ones from the simple “German Gumbo” or the “Germbo” to the classy “Creole Patate Salat” and then to the funny “sausage fest” and “OktoberGras”.  It was super hard to choose, as everyone’s suggestions were so great, but I finally decided on “DAS GUMBOTATOR”

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I’ve been wanting to make something that was fresh and simple before tomatoes were no longer in season and this tomato burst sauce does just that. Guys, this is so simple to make. Like stupid simple. For as simple as this recipe is, it is “bursting” with flavor! Get it?! “Bursting”….tomato “burst” sauce. (Just smack me right now!)

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HOLLA if you are a fry lover like me! Come on, I know you are….actually, is there anyone who doesn’t like fries?!!? There is so much produce that you can turn into a fry (frie?) (fri?) and parsnips are one of those! Have you ever had a parsnip? They look like a white carrot, and have a sweet earthy-ish taste to them.  I made parsnip mash when I guest blogged over @whole30recipes and it was so tasty, and if mash is delish, then I’m sure parsnips in the form of a fry would be too.

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I don’t really ever make desserts or “goodies’ in our house, even if they are considered “paleo.”  Not because I don’t like dessert, but because I would eat it all within a couple hours of making it, and lets be honest, I probably wouldn’t even share with my kids.

Lets jump to a couple weeks ago….I received some whole, raw pecans from an awesome company called PURELY PECANS and I had no clue what to do with them other than stuff them in my face as is.  Then California Strawberries contacted me to see if I wanted to share some recipes for their site and instagram for their #strawberrysummer series.  (You may remember them from here when I got to go on a strawberry fields tour).  After I received that email I knew exactly what I was going to make with those pecans! A crumble. duh.



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I’ve been thinking a lot about scalloped taters lately.  I’ve actually only ever had them with ooey gooey cheese all over them, but I knew that I could probably make something pretty bomb minus the queso. And not to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT! This scalloped potato galette is totally killer!


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It’s artichoke week over on my instagram and every year it gets more exciting than the last!  This year I decided to try my hand with braising them chokes!!  And let me tell you, braising artichokes is pure heavenly bliss. And its just as easy as any other method of cooking artichokes.

My favorite thing about braising…..the fact that you can eat the whole leaf! (except for the very outside leaves) I could not believe it at first, so naturally I ate about 40 of them to be sure!

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I’ve been pretty excited about this recipe for a couple weeks now. It’s simple, delicious, and a great way to get your kids, your husband, your wife, grandparent, whoever really, to eat their veggies. #hurrah

I chopped up some things here, mixed some things there and wala! Broccoli Tots, or “broc tots” as my kids like to say!!


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It just got loco in my kitchen!! Barefoot Provisions just got some pork rinds in their store and to say I went “hog wild” is an understatement! My kids love them on their own, as do I, but there is really something special about adding the crunchy little clouds of goodness to a dish.  They are a great replacement to bread crumbs, crunch them up and add them to meatballs, top a salad with them, or do what I did and add them to your roasted cabbage!


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I’m not gonna lie, these jalapeño rings are probably my most favorite thing I’ve made. And I know I say that a lot, but this time I REALLY mean it!
After you makes these, you will have dreams about them. They are insane! I like to dip them in a garlic aioli if I’m not using them to top off a burger!



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