I don’t know about you, but there is only so much chicken apple sausage I can eat. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but just like how people can get tired of eggs, I get tired of chicken and apple sausage. Hashtag majorly. And all the “fun” flavors at the store either have a crap ton of sugar in it or are so.dang.expensive. I mean $8.99 for a 4 pack of sausage stuffed with pineapple. Yah, umm no thanks, I’ll just do it myself and get twice as many!! Plus I know exactly whats going into them!

jalapeno sausage

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Meal planning. Without it, you are lost. When I first got married, meal planning meant nothing. I was able to go to the store everyday after work and get what we needed for that nights dinner. But now that I’m knee deep with 5 kids, going to the store everyday is almost laughable now. Or cryable!
Meal planning doesn’t need to take a long time especially with the right tools.
So, first things first, you need to find or make a week long menu. Doing anything more than a week out can become overwhelming.


The above image is a great one because it has snacks on it too. It’s easy to fall off the bandwagon when eating paleo or doing Whole30 when you don’t have everything mapped out.
Keep it simple. Kids and husbands don’t care about fancy!  I only make my plate look nice for pictures. Lol.
Know you “busy days” and use your resources. Thursday’s are our busy day, so I usually always do a crock pot meal for that day.


Make sure you plan with what’s in season. For example, if bell peppers aren’t in season don’t make recipes for the week with them in it because you saw something on Pinterest that looked good.


There are tons of things out there, like the one above, that can tell you what’s in season. Use that to help you pick what you will eat for the week.
It really is quite simple once you get into a groove that works for you and your family.