I originally made these addictive Asian Kabobs for a tailgating series for Whole30  way back in the day and they are still one of our family favorites! We really like making them into “kabobs” cause lets be honest, who doesn’t love eating food from a stick. But maybe you are one of those people who are just not down for kabobs….thats okay, just simply omit the stick!!  I love that these meatballs don’t have the typical flavors of a “regular” meatball that we are all so used to (I’m talking about you; marinara doused balls!) It’s definitely a fun way to change up your Asian game!

Asian Kabobs

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There is a restaurant in the Santa Cruz area that has the BEST brussels sprouts I have ever put into my mouth. We go about twice a year and seriously guys….I think about it for like 3 weeks straight after eating them! Last time we were there I asked them what made their brussels so DREAMY and they said that they fry the parsley that goes on top. My mind was blown! Fried parsley; that is GENIUS!

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Raise you hand if breakfast sausage is your “jam.”   I love breakfast sausage, but a good, homemade breakfast sausage is hard to come by.  The grocery store ones usually have a bascrillion ingredients (dude, why?!) and sugar. Lotsa suga!!!

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We are major lovers of salmon in our house. Well actually all fish, but salmon comes first. I know a lot of people are intimidated by cooking fish; I mean who wants nasty dry fish in their mouths. Not me.  The method I use is LEGIT. And I’m here to save the day and to give you a fool-proof method every time. (and this works with all fish, just less time for fish like trout and tilapia)

Ready for this……oil and season your fish, stick on a baking sheet, then place in a COLD oven. Turn the oven to 400 degrees and cook for 25 minutes.  Now, my oven cooks things like a boss, so I usually end up pulling my fish out at 22 minutes. If you have a bomb diggity (who says that?!!) oven like I do, check your fish at the 22 minute mark, otherwise leave it in for the full 25 minutes.

Now that I have given you the best method to cooking any kind of fish, lets proceed with the recipe.

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I don’t really ever make desserts or “goodies’ in our house, even if they are considered “paleo.”  Not because I don’t like dessert, but because I would eat it all within a couple hours of making it, and lets be honest, I probably wouldn’t even share with my kids.

Lets jump to a couple weeks ago….I received some whole, raw pecans from an awesome company called PURELY PECANS and I had no clue what to do with them other than stuff them in my face as is.  Then California Strawberries contacted me to see if I wanted to share some recipes for their site and instagram for their #strawberrysummer series.  (You may remember them from here when I got to go on a strawberry fields tour).  After I received that email I knew exactly what I was going to make with those pecans! A crumble. duh.



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It just got loco in my kitchen!! Barefoot Provisions just got some pork rinds in their store and to say I went “hog wild” is an understatement! My kids love them on their own, as do I, but there is really something special about adding the crunchy little clouds of goodness to a dish.  They are a great replacement to bread crumbs, crunch them up and add them to meatballs, top a salad with them, or do what I did and add them to your roasted cabbage!


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Around New Years my family had a pot luck….a pot luck of soup. I guess that would make it a soup luck. Anyway, every one who came brought their favorite soup to share. Fun right?!!! There were a ton of AWESOME soups, but my most favorite was this Thai soup that my mom’s cousin had made.  I seriously could have eaten the whole pot of it with no “ragrets” (name that movie).

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I have a rather embarrassing story about calamari…..

When I was about 8, my family and I hit up the new Olive Garden in town. We ordered a couple of appetizers, one of those being calamari.  When the plate came out included was tentacles.  I was so excited to try them and when the waitress came to pick up the plate I proceeded to tell her how much I loved eating testicles. Yup, that’s right….testicles!! It was pretty embarrassing and my face still gets a bit red when I see calamari!


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I’m not gonna lie, these jalapeño rings are probably my most favorite thing I’ve made. And I know I say that a lot, but this time I REALLY mean it!
After you makes these, you will have dreams about them. They are insane! I like to dip them in a garlic aioli if I’m not using them to top off a burger!



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