I’m sure you have all had some sort of “buffalo” style something at least once. If you haven’t, you really need to hitch a ride on the buffalo train.  There is a reason why there is a Wing Stop on practically every corner. It’s really delicious.  In all honesty, I had actually forgotten about buffalo style anything. When you have little kids, spicy anything just doesn’t really come to mind when meal planning. But the other week, I received an awesome care package from my friends over at OBERTO and inside was their “spicy buffalo style chicken jerky.” If you haven’t already noticed, I love adding jerky to my recipes (if you have never done it before, you really should. I would never steer you in the wrong direction folks, never)

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I’ve been wanting to make something that was fresh and simple before tomatoes were no longer in season and this tomato burst sauce does just that. Guys, this is so simple to make. Like stupid simple. For as simple as this recipe is, it is “bursting” with flavor! Get it?! “Bursting”….tomato “burst” sauce. (Just smack me right now!)

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It’s super rare for California to drop below 60 degrees (at least where I live), so when it does get below 60, I jump on the opportunity to make all-the-soup. I really love soup, probably more than my family does, but they never complain; thank goodness!!  One of the things I enjoy about soup is that it gets my kids to eat a ton of veggies. In fact my Asparagus Soup is what got one of my kids to love asparagus.  So, if you are wanting your kids to eat more veggies, try making a soup outta it. Luckily my kids enjoy bell peppers, so I knew this roasted bell pepper soup was going to be a hit #whew!!

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I have to say, I think breakfast sausages are one of my favorite types of sausages. And it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, you know it’s a breakfast sausage just by the smell when it’s being cooked up. I’ve been tweaking my breakfast sausage recipe for awhile now and I think I finally nailed it. Also, I took it one step further and made them into meatballs, cause who doesn’t love tasty balls in the morning (insert “monkey covering his eyes” emoji here)

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Admit it, you love chicken nuggets and honestly I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t. Nuggets were always a “treat” for us growing up! If we went to a restaurant it was always chicken nuggets or strips from the kids menu. Always. Once I was too big to order from the kids menu I stopped getting them and actually completely forgot about them, until the other day.

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I’ve finally done it…..I’ve barbecued ribs!  Ribs have always been kind of intimidating, don’t you agree?! I’ve always heard about all the prep work that needed to go into them, and that just sounded like no fun.

Plus, ribs are totally a “dude” food to make, or at least it always seems like the guys want to cook the ribs!! But the other day, we were having company over, ribs were on my mind, and my husband was at work. So, I pinterest-ed the crap outta my morning looking for a good rub to put on it. Unfortunately most everything had brown sugar in it or even a can of soda. So I decided to get inspiration from my friends over at Primal Palate who have an organic barbecue rub that’s to die for.  I would have used their barbeque rub, but I am almost out and I really like using it on my eggs in the morning, so I made my own with inspiration from their ingredients.


barbecued ribs

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I have been trying to perfect this bolognese recipe for awhile now, and I have FINALLY done it. Not that bolognese is hard to make, it’s basically just a meat sauce, but I wanted to take it above and beyond and also make it Whole30, as most have some sort of cheese in it.  I promise, you won’t even miss the cheese. Not one bit!



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I’ve been thinking a lot about scalloped taters lately.  I’ve actually only ever had them with ooey gooey cheese all over them, but I knew that I could probably make something pretty bomb minus the queso. And not to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT! This scalloped potato galette is totally killer!


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You know the food I always forget about, but absolutely love….swedish meatballs. Have you ever had them? Yah, they are pretty bomb!! The only downside….the sauce is usually all cream. Not saying that cream is bad, if you like it then put it in! I’m not yo’ mama! But cream and me….we do not go hand in hand, in fact so much so, that if I had cream I would regret ever making these balls, which I really, REALLY, don’t want to do!

the ground beef version!

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I love cabbage rolls. My grandpa used to make them and everyone would fight over who got to bring the leftovers home. Recently, I came across his recipe for stuffed cabbage rolls (or holubky) and decided to recreate it! His version is pretty healthy, I just had to omit a few ingredients, but it really didn’t affect the dish! I also don’t have much time to go through the process of stuffing cabbage rolls, especially since I have to cut them all up for my kids anyway, so I decided to make it into a casserole of sorts, or as I like to call them unstuffed cabbage rolls.

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