cooking with blue apron

Let’s talk meal subscriptions!  Have you ever had one before?  I haven’t, and so I was very excited when Blue Apron reached out to me to see if I wanted to try out a box to see what I thought.  Ummm heck yah, I’ll totally cook with Blue Apron; it’s everything I’ve dreamed about!  Delicious, restaurant quality recipes, everything portioned out for me, and delivered straight to my door step.  The only thing missing was the cook, but lucky for me I have a bunch of kids I can choose from to make these scrumptious meals for me! (see, look how much fun she is having lol)

cooking blue apron

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Let’s talk Superbowl….it seems to be the BIGGEST day for snacking! People pre-game HARD and literally eat all day, which is totally cool, but I know a lot of people also wish there were “healthier” options out there for game day!  Well guys, I got your back with 10 super Superbowl recipes to stuff into your piehole while you watch your fave team (hopefully) win.

10 super superbowl recipes

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You all know how much I’ve become a true belieber  believer in the Instant Pot….we seriously have become two peas in a pod.  The other day I made Instant Pot Loaded Baked Potatoes and I may never make them in the oven again.

instant pot loaded baked potato

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Happy FriYAY and welcome to my very 1st bi-monthly series called Friday Faceplants!  Twice a month I’ll be putting out some fun content for you to all enjoy.  After reading the results of my survey it looks like the majority of you want to see recipes, tips and tricks, and a bunch of family things.  And what better way then to put everything all together in one place for you to go and enjoy!  A lot of you also said that you only read newsletters if you have time or if the content is good.  Well I’m here to tell you that the Friday Faceplants content will be BOMB!  Sending this out only twice a month will hopefully give you all something to look forward to.

friday faceplants

Here’s what you will see on Friday Faceplants:

  1. A recipe:  This could be a new recipe or a recipe from the “vault”  (all guaranteed to be delish)
  2. Friday Faves:  This will be where I will share sweet deals with awesome companies that I work with, it may also have kitchen tips and tricks, things that I’m currently in love with, blogs I dig, and kid related stuff….
  3. Shoutouts:  You guys are really the best.  I love my job and I love creating content for you.  I really love getting tagged in pictures and all the sweet messages and comments that I receive. At the end I’ll post a few pictures of your grub (with permission of course) so we can all wish we were neighbors with you!!


I can’t wait to Friday Faceplant with all of you!!






Hi everyone! 2018 is here and I’m ready to get this party started!! I really want Pretend its a Donut to be a place where you come back to over and over and over again and I want to create content that YOU will want to see and love!
Please fill out this quick little survey (don’t worry its anonymous) so I can make my site totally rad for you!


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I know many of you have been scouring the internet trying to find appetizers, how-to’s, desserts, etc for the big get together!  But no need to fear!  I have put together a lovely little Thanksgiving Round Up so you don’t need to be searching high and low for recipes!  (BONUS: you can totally make any of these for the rest of the holiday season)

turkey round up

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I may be the only one that does this, but I’m always trying to one up my Thanksgiving game. In my mind, anything that is “fallish” is fair game come Thursday afternoon! I’ve come up with a fun little Thanksgiving-ie appetizer (or eat it as a side) with these Harvest Meatballs with Cranberry Sauce. And you are going to want to DIG.IN.

harvest meatballs with cranberry sauce

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I’ve been broadening my horizons with persimmons lately, and this Mexican Persimmon and Broccoli slaw is off the chain. (does anyone even say that anymore)  Persimmons are delicious, but also odd. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people do not know what the heck to do with a persimmon! I was totally that person a couple of years ago and was always intrigued at the store to get one, but just didn’t know what to do with them!

Fear not friends, I got your back and will show you how can incorporate persimmons into your meals! Persimmons add a nice crunch and a bit of sweetness to dishes and are wonderful on there own as well. We like to eat them just like an apple!

mexican persimmon broccoli slaw

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