For the past few years gift guides have become quite popular, and for good reason! These guides make it easy for you to shop for anyone or even for yourself.  And since like 99% of people shop online now, these guides really are the way to go!

So I have compiled some of my favorite Kitchen Gadgets that I use on the regular! Whether you are looking for a gift this Christmas, want something for yourself, or even getting married (all married couples need kitchen stuff) this guide is for you!

Lets get started!
Instant pot

INSTANT POT:  It’s one of the most popular kitchen gadgets out there!  Don’t worry, it’s not like the old creepy pressure cookers that your mom used to have that everyone was deathly afraid of! I even let my kids manually release the pressure! (That’s how un-scary they are)

Why you should get it: Easy clean-up. Multiple features for all your cooking needs. Cooks frozen chicken in 22 minutes!



HERB SAVER: If you are tired of your fresh herbs getting all nasty in the fridge, then this herb saver is for you!

Why you should get it: triples the lifespan of your fresh herbs. Makes your fridge look super fancy 🙂



DI ORO CHEF SERIES SPATULAS: These spatulas are the SHIZ. I never thought I’d love spatulas this much, but boy oh boy are these a game changer!  Use the code “DONUTDIORO” to get 25% off your purchase of the chef set.

Why you should get it: Won America’s Test Kitchen for best spatulas. Can withstand up to 600 degrees.


garlic press

GARLIC ROLLER: Hands down the best gadget you will ever have. EVER! Makes peeling garlic a breeze. Just throw the clove in and roll. The peel comes right off. Sorcery I tell ya!!

Why you should get it: Peels garlic in 5 seconds.

immersion blender

IMMERSION BLENDER: Immersion blenders are the bees knees when it comes to kitchen gadgets! Its nice to have something a bit smaller and more portable than a blender.

Why you should get it: Make your own mayo and dressings in a flash. Blend up soups straight from the pot.




DI ORO FINE ZESTER/GRATER: Another DiOro product that I love is the fine grater.  Use it for zesting citrus and grating garlic, chocolate, coconut,  or ginger.

Why you should get it: Has a griper which makes it so easy to zest or grate anything because it stays put. Made in USA.

oven mitts

BEAR HAND OVEN MITTS: Everyone needs mitts to pull hot stuff out of the oven or to move anything hot anywhere!

Why you should get it: The perfect fun yet practical gift for anyone!


the kitchen gadget lover gift guide

STATE CUTTING BOARD: Another fun yet practical gift for anyone to have in their kitchen.

Why you should get it: Makes slicing and dicing so much more fun when you are using your state cutting board.


the kitchen gadget lover gift guide

CAST IRON PANS: Best pans you will ever own and cook with. All your food cooks evenly and it last FOREVER.

Why you should get it: Easy to take care of. Can move from stove, to oven, to grill, and back to stove. Very Versatile. Made in USA.


the kitchen gadget lover gift guide


SCRAPERS: These scrapers are great for getting anything and everything off and it works on more than just cast iron.

Why you should get it: Makes getting any kind of food grime off a piece of cake.


And there you have it.  The Kitchen Gadget Lover Gift Guide.  Sound off in the comments about what your must haves are in the kitchen!!




  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Jenn,
    First of all you are AMAZING! Your IG is my favorite when I am doing the Whole30, well and when I am not doing it too lol!
    I am looking for a good (not ultra expensive) cast iron pan but the link you have sent me to Amazon where I see lots of option so I am not sure which brand should I get… I have one that I bought on Target but I am under the impression that is not good enough. Can you give me suggestions of brands, please? Thank you very much!

    • Pretend it's a Donut says:

      Hi Barbara, thank you for the kind words!! I have Lodge cast iron pans and I love them. I heard Costco has some cast iron pans. Not sure how much they cost though.

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