Eating healthy is really important (for obvious reasons lol) , but so is taking care of yourself.  It’s easy for me to remember to brush my teeth, wash my hair, etc etc…..but for this little team of mine, not so much.  I hate to admit it, but sometimes when we are so busy out and about doing after school activities, when we get home the kids get on their pj’s and hop right into bed….without brushing their teeth. Hashtag: GAG. Hashtag: also my fault.  I would never forget to brush my own teeth cause I’ve been doing it for 30 something years and it is just a natural thing to do, but for my kids, that’s another story. It’s such a chore for them especially when they have better things to do, like play!!


Brusheez recently sent me one of their children’s electronic toothbrush kit for my kids to try out, and let me tell you; they now want to brush 50 billion times a day!!  They come in 4 cute characters; Jovie the Giraffe, Snappy the Croc, Prancy the Pony, and Buddy the Bear. What I love about the Brusheez is that they have to brush their teeth for 2 minutes. It comes with a timer and my children have made it a game to see whose mouth gets the foamiest from brushing! (Kids are so weird) After, they get to rinse with a little cup that is provided. What you are left with is happy, adorable, clean mouthed children!!





What a good way to start the New Year off…..with pearly, pearly whites. And let me tell you, these kids have never been more excited to see the dentist to tell him how great of a job they have done with brushing! Now to find something that will automatically fix my kids crooked teeth without me having to pay for braces. I wish brushing would fix that problem.




Disclaimer: Brusheez sent me this to review. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 



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