Back when I was guest blogging for @wholefoodsrecipes on Instagram, I made these bomb diggity sliders, and I’m FINALLY getting around to posting them on here. You’re welcome.
  These aren’t your everyday sliders, these are buffalo sliders, not cause I used buffalo meat (although that would have been awww-sommee) but because I mixed it with wing sauce. Yup, wing sauce and my husband and kids would have eaten all of them had I not begged them to save me one! I wish I was joking.


-2 lbs ground turkey
-2 bell peppers, cut into quarters, grilled
-1/4 c wing sauce (I used an Instagram users whole30 sauce, but “Franks” has a great wing sauce too)
-shredded cabbage + shredded carrots
-optional: guacamole

–In a bowl mix ground turkey and wing sauce together.
–Form into small patties
–Heat up a grill or pan and put patties on once hot. Cook about 3 min each side.
–While those are cooking, take your shredded cabbage and carrots and mix with some wing sauce (about 1 tbl or so)
–Once sliders are cooked, remove. Grill up bell peppers and then remove.
–Set pepper down, add your slider and top with coleslaw.

**this makes about 16 sliders.


Whole30: yes
Paleo: yes


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