Is it me….or is summer still hanging on STRONG right now?!!  Despite the rando thunderstorm we had the other day, it has still been so hot in California, which means I don’t want to cook up anything.  I’ve been craving crisp, easy, fresh salads and this Cucumber Prosciutto and Apple Salad does not disappoint!

cucumber prosciutto salad

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Whenever I do a Whole30 I scour the internet for some sort of tracker that is a little more “fun” than just looking at a calendar.  But man, 30 day downloadable trackers are kind of hard to find. So I decided to make a couple of my own to share with anyone who is interested!

These are very simple, you can cross out or add little notes to the back of the sheet.  I made a key for you to color in the day with how you feel during your Whole30.  It’s nice to go back and see that on day 7 you were kind of having a hard day, and then on day 17 you finally feel that tiger blood.  Or maybe you get your “tiger blood” a lot sooner.  Everyone is different!! Feel free to add your own little twist to it if you’d like.

30 day tracker



whole30 tracker


You can print these out by clicking the options below!

WHOLE30 Trackers



Enjoy and happy Whole30 tracking!


I don’t know about you, but there is only so much chicken apple sausage I can eat. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but just like how people can get tired of eggs, I get tired of chicken and apple sausage. Hashtag majorly. And all the “fun” flavors at the store either have a crap ton of sugar in it or are so.dang.expensive. I mean $8.99 for a 4 pack of sausage stuffed with pineapple. Yah, umm no thanks, I’ll just do it myself and get twice as many!! Plus I know exactly whats going into them!

jalapeno sausage

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While traveling through Portland we stopped at a restaurant where they had these deep fried tostones doused in buffalo sauce…..and of course it was AH-MAZING. I mean practically every restaurant in Portland is pretty great!! I get a lot of inspiration from eating at restaurants and I’m sure that a lot of other food bloggers do too! So after our trip I practiced perfecting the buffalo tostones, sans deep DEEEPP fried!

buffalo tostones

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I’ve had some requests to make Cuban food lately, and when you ask I give. #aimtoplease.  I gotta be honest with ya guys….I think I’ve had Cuban food only a couple of times.  Once in a restaurant, and again when I was making my e-book Almost Authentic. (It’s the Cuban Papa Rellena recipe in the e-book)

ropa vieja

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Holla if you are a chili lover! We absolutely love it in our house and it’s really great any time of the year, not just when it’s cold outside! It’s a wonderful comfort food, but with the addition of pumpkin and greens you get a delicious healthy version of chili, still with ALL the comfort!! When I think of chili I think of the kind packed full of beans, that’s what I grew up with and I’m sure most of you grew up with some sort of bean version of it….but we all know that beans are the magical fruit. So I ventured to make a beanless version that tastes just as good, if not better, than that beany one! Meat is the new bean. Wait what?!!!

pumpkin and beef chili

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This dish came together on a whim the other day when I was “fridge foraging” for something in our house to have for dinner. I already had chicken marinating, but I had no clue what else was going to go with it. And because this was a last minute recipe, I really don’t have much to say except thank goodness this turned out so delicious!! It really is nice when the whole family really likes something that you just winged!
mexican chicken

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